MYFA joins adVentures for company launch

MYFA CEO decides to join hands with adVentures to build together the next leading digital art platform.


Interview with MYFA CEO, AC Launay:

How did you come across adVentures?

“At the beginning of MYFA’s project, I had the chance to meet Antoine Duboscq, the founder of the start-up studio AD&P Ventures. We worked together on the concept and the business model, and decided to initiate the partnership by pooling our strengths, the experience and the talent of the studio as well as my energy and personal experience in the art market. We quickly designed a robust company project, validated concepts and the demand with future clients, partners and users. We also found our first financial partners and officially created the company.”

What difficulties did you have to tackle, and how did adVentures help you?

“The pitfalls we had to look out for are, I believe, fairly common. Firstly, we had to find the right concept with a coherent business model and accept to be confronted to a certain amount of disbelief from established players. Also, we had to find the best talents to build the digital platform, requiring us to look for individuals with exceptional design and execution skills. Last but not least, we had to convince our first financial partners (sometimes easier outside France…). I have to say that the fact of working with adVentures enabled me to accelerate these steps and watch out for the common, but far too often overlooked hurdles.”



About adVentures:

adVentures is a startup studio building future leaders on global niche markets. The studio has a portfolio in the digital, biotech & art sectors. Ventures are located in Paris, NYC and SF.

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